Bazooka the Monkey


Zbrush | Maya | 3DCoat | XNormal | Photoshop | Marmoset Toolbag



Bazooka was created in Zbrush starting as a ZSphere mock up, proportioned using Dynamesh, and sculpted to about 7 million points. The highest sub-division was then decimated and taken into 3DCoat, where a rough auto-retopology was created. The new base mesh was cleaned up in Maya and UV’d by splitting the mesh in half (to maximize UV space since the model is symmetrical). Imported the mesh back into ZBrush, projected the high detail sculpt back onto the new mesh, and polypainted the texture. Produced normal and diffuse maps out of Zbrush, along with another normal map, occlusion, and cavity maps out of XNormal. Photoshop was used to composite all maps as well as produce the spec map. Later, he was posed using the transpose brushes in ZBrush, the tail was rigged in Maya, and rendered in Marmoset.

A WIP album of the process is available on Imgur (here).

A tutorial on how I created the fur is available on Imgur (here).

final renders_beauty

Monkey Swinging
by mikebauerlein
on Sketchfab

Monkey Chest Pound
by mikebauerlein
on Sketchfab